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Health. Healthy food

Образовательные цели:
– активизировать лексику по теме;
– практиковать речевую деятельность (монологическую, диалогическую);
– развивать умение творчески использовать усвоенный материал;
– воспринимать на слух и понимать основную информацию.
Развивающие цели:
– развивать коммуникативные навыки;
– развивать креативное мышление, способность логически излагать, анализировать, воображать.
Воспитательные цели:
– воспитывать интерес к здоровому образу жизни;
– воспитывать интерес к традициям родного края;
– воспитывать понимание ценности человеческой жизни, толерантного отношения друг к другу.
Оснащение урока: магнитофон, аудио­кассета, раздаточный материал, компьютер, проектор, чистые листы бумаги.
Основные методы обучения: метод проектов; обучение в сотрудничестве.
Межпредметные связи: русский язык, культура Башкортостана, биология.
1. Фонетическая разминка.
Now let’s begin with some phonetic exercise. Look at the screen. This is a tongue – twister related to four similar words (better, batter, bitter, butter). Let’s read it line by line.
Betty Batter bought some butter
And She said: “My butter’s bitter,
If I put it in my batter,
It will make my batter bitter,
If I buy some better butter,
It will make my batter better”.
So She bought some better butter
And it made her batter better.

– What is this twister about?
– How do you like it?
(Преподаватель демонстрирует слайд. Студенты слушают преподавателя, анализируют похожие английские слова «better, batter, bitter, butter», переводят, читают за преподавателем и индивидуально.)
2. Подготовка к восприятию нового материала.
– We have many both Russian and English proverbs and sayings about health. Look at them, read and thy to find their Russian equivalents.
– Good health is above wealth. (Больному и золотая кровать не поможет.)
– Health is better than wealth. (Здоровье дороже богатства.)
– An apple a day keeps a doctor away. (Кушай по яблоку в день, и доктор не понадобится.)
– Eat at pleasure, drink with measure. (Кто не курит и не пьет, тот здоровье бережет.)
– A healthy mind in a healthy body. (В здоровом теле – здоровый дух. Здоровьем слаб, да и духом не герой.)
– Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. (Кто рано ложится и рано встает, здоровье, богатство и ум бережет. С курами ложись, с петухами вставай.)
3. Проверка домашнего задания.
– Health is very important for our life. Your homework was to learn words, translate the text and be ready to discuss problems about health, healthy food. And I want you to use these proverbs in your statements today. The problem is “How to be healthy?“
– What is your opinion?
– S3. As for me, I think that dieting is a good thing. It is necessary to eat well– balanced meal. “Do you know how much of these things you need every day?”
1. Vitamins – A B C D
2. Minerals – calcium 700 mg,
iron 15 mg
3. Carbohydrates – 400 gr
4. Protein – 60 gr
5. Fats – 70 gr
6. Fluid – 1.7 litres
7. Fibre
The moral of my report is “An apple a day keeps a doctor away”.
Thank you. Well done!
– Let’s do exercise.
Fill in: carbohydrates, fat, sugar, minerals, protein, vitamins, fibre.
1) You need this to help you grow. You can find it in meat, eggs and milk.
2) It helps to store energy in your body. You can find it in butter & oil … .
3) It is used to make food and drinks taste sweet. You can find it in biscuits and cakes … .
4) Substances you need to be healthy. You can find them in fruit and vegetables.
5) Parts of plants or seeds that your body cannot digest. Helps food pass through the body quickly … .
6) They provide you with energy. You can find them in bread, pasta and rice … .
7) A substance that is formed naturally in rocks or the earth and is found in small quantities in food and drinks … .
(Студенты рассказывают о важности здоровья, высказывают свое личное мнение, демонстрируют слайды. Проверяют устно домашнее упражнение.)
4. Развитие речевых навыков.
а) Many fruits and vegetables are well – known for you. Each of them is responsible for some part of our body.
– Answer my questions: Which colour food should you eat if … .
You have a difficult exam to study for?
1. You are feeling very nervous about meeting someone?
2. You are worried about getting lines and wrinkles.
3. You`ve been feeling a bit sad lately?
4. You are taking part in a championship swimming match?
Вариант ответа: If I have a difficult exam to study for I should eat orange food. These are pumpkins, carrots, peaches.
b) Lets do an exercise.
Fill in the following words: brain, emotions, soothing, boost, optimistic, creative.
1. Red foods give extra … . 2. Orange foods are … food. 3. Yellow food makes … . 4. Green foods keep our … under control. 5. Blue food are … both physically and emotionally. 6. Purple foods make us more … .
(Преподаватель демонстрирует слайд. Студенты повторяют классификацию фруктов и овощей согласно их цветам и отвечают на заданные вопросы.)
5. Изучение нового материала
a) Грамматика: Do you follow a diet? Today we have many problems with our health. They are different. What are they? (Оverweight – избыток веса, tiredness – утомляемость, dry skin – сухая кожа, indigestion – расстройство желудка.) Now we’ll learn how to give an advice. Look at speech pattern:
If I were you, I would see a dietician – На Вашем месте, я пошел бы к диетологу.
– Let’s do ex. 1a p. 104 using the information above (работа в парах).
Варианты ответов: 1) – I think I’m skinnier than I should be. – If I were you I should eat three well – balanced meals. 2) – I am having a trouble sleeping. – If I were you I should drink a glass of water with a spoon of honey.
Make up sentences using the following pattern.
1. I think I am skinnier than I should be.
2. I feel really sleepy during the day.
3. I often get stomach ache after eating.
4. I think that I am fatter than I should be.
5. I have had toothache for a week now.
6. My skin is itchy.
7. I find my mind wanders in class.
8. I am always catching colds.
9. I am having a trouble sleeping.
(Преподаватель демонстрирует слайд, объясняет грамматический материал. Студенты закрепляют темы, выполняя уп­раж­нения.)
Лексика: Now we’ll take some idiomatic phrases. Look at the screen:
– as cool as a cucumber – абсолютно спокойный;
– a piece of cake – пустячное дело;
– cry over spilt milk – что сделано, то сделано;
– it is not my cup of tea – это не по мне;
– in hot water – в заботах.
Complete the idioms with the words in the list (tea, cake, water, cucumber, milk).
1. He is in serious trouble now. He is really in hot ... .
2. Ann is always calm and does not worry about anything. She is as cool as a ... .
3. You can do it. It is easy. It is a piece of ... .
4. You cannot change anything now. Do not cry over spilt ... .
5. I do not really enjoy going to the theatre. It is not my cup of ... .
(Преподаватель демонстрирует слайд, вводит идиоматические фразы. Студенты закрепляют тему, выполняя упражнения.)
6. Заключительный этап.
Подведение итогов. Домашнее задание.
– I have a special task for you. You need to make and draw healthy menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or you may make the presentation of your favorite food.
(Преподаватель подводит итоги занятий.)
– How do you like this lesson?
– Was it useful for you?
Test: Today…
1. I was a) activeb) passive
2. I was pleased a) Trueb) False
with my activity
3. The lesson wasa) interestingb) boring
4. I ama) tired b) not tired
5. I am a) full of b) no
(Студенты высказывают свое мнение об уроке.)

Р.А. Набиуллина,
преподаватель Ишимбайского нефтяного колледжа